Atlanta’s Best Season

Autumn gets the glory and the cinnamon and nutmeg-flavored coffee drinks, but Atlanta’s best season is late winter. The mornings are cold, the afternoons are warm, the trees are naked.

RIP: Oakhurst Cheeto?

(RIP = Restoration In Progress)

Shocking news from Oakhurst — a city crew is right now removing the Cheeto sculpture from Harmony Park. What’s going in its place? Something safer such as giant, spinning razor blades? Maybe a cauldron of molten iron?

I’ll always be grateful to the Cheeto. It taught me that my children’s bones are not as brittle as I feared.

UPDATE: It’s being removed for maintenance and will return soon.

Happy Nowruz

Happy Nowruz. Here’s the neighborhood pomegranate tree.

A photo of the spring blooms of a pomegranate tree.
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Some personal news

Me standing in front of Andy's Custard shop.

Frozen custard has long been a passion of mine — a passion I’m thrilled to soon share with Atlanta.

Look down at the pollen swirls

I love the patterns of yellow pollen after a rain storm. It’s often like a satellite image of rock formations. Pollen’s beauty, its role in creating the global food supply and the viability of life on earth almost make up for the seasonal allergies. Almost.

Swirls of pollen in a puddle of water on the pavement