Atlanta’s Best Season

Autumn gets the glory and the cinnamon and nutmeg-flavored coffee drinks, but Atlanta’s best season is late winter. The mornings are cold, the afternoons are warm, the trees are naked.

RIP: Oakhurst Cheeto?

(RIP = Restoration In Progress)

Shocking news from Oakhurst — a city crew is right now removing the Cheeto sculpture from Harmony Park. What’s going in its place? Something safer such as giant, spinning razor blades? Maybe a cauldron of molten iron?

I’ll always be grateful to the Cheeto. It taught me that my children’s bones are not as brittle as I feared.

UPDATE: It’s being removed for maintenance and will return soon.

Happy Nowruz

Happy Nowruz. Here’s the neighborhood pomegranate tree.

A photo of the spring blooms of a pomegranate tree.
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Some personal news

Me standing in front of Andy's Custard shop.

Frozen custard has long been a passion of mine — a passion I’m thrilled to soon share with Atlanta.