Look down at the pollen swirls

I love the patterns of yellow pollen after a rain storm. It’s often like a satellite image of rock formations. Pollen’s beauty, its role in creating the global food supply and the viability of life on earth almost make up for the seasonal allergies. Almost.

Swirls of pollen in a puddle of water on the pavement

Combination locks of love

If you ever find yourself on a “locks of love” bridge, look closely. For every 99 pad locks whose key was presumably tossed in the river below to symbolize a bond that cannot be undone, there’s usually one combination lock.

A combination lock of love might lack romantic ardor, but maybe not everyone wants ardor. Maybe some people find realism and practicality romantic.

Or maybe they were on vacation and all they had was a luggage lock.

Marko-Feingold-Steg, a “locks of love” bridge crossing the Salzach River in Salzburg, Austria.

Location is everything

One of the most important decisions business owners can make is choosing the right location for their business. For example, it’s easier to find customers when you locate your business near a complementary business.

NYC 2022: Weed store adjacent to a cookie store.
Malawi 2016: Driving school adjacent to coffin workshop

Curb alert

This is water runoff from overnight rains. If you remove the color from the photo, the black asphalt becomes white because the water reflects the light of the overcast sky. Removing information from the photograph, in this case the color, allows the viewer to see more.

It’s a phone photo with a VSCO filter that simulates Kodak T-Max P3200. I’ve shot photos with P3200. It was used for situations with low-light, or when you needed to use a fast shutter speed. I mainly used it because it was grainy.

I much prefer being able to conjure its charm without having to spend 4 hours alone in a dark bathroom-turned-darkroom.

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