Bio Break

I’m a professional communicator with deep experience in marketing, fundraising, social media strategy, video and photographic storytelling, issue advocacy and team leadership.

@CARE I led the digital team that built the organization’s social fundraising program from zero-to-six figures-per-quarter.

I directed audience and content strategy for CARE’s most successful ever video fundraising campaign, #DreamWithHer. The campaign doubled CARE’s gift catalog revenue and, more importantly (to me, anyway) asked CARE’s supporters to consider the aspirations and talents of children and parents in Malawi rather than retreading tired and destructive stereotypes of helplessness and misery. A fleet of talented people made these videos and you should watch them.

I made two personal videos in Malawi that are very special to me. One is of a church choir that invited me to watch them practice. Listen to how it takes them about 30 seconds to find the harmonies and rhythm. Choral music demands singing, listening, passion and compassion in equal parts. The individual dissolves into the group to be elevated above where individuals can go alone.

The second video is this one which, despite/because of its silliness raised many thousands for international development and relief.

I led audience strategy and wrote this video’s script for CARE’s most successful ever digital advocacy campaign. We got approximately 100,000 to sign this petition to build a legal foundation for protecting women in workplaces around the world from violence and abuse.