ChatGPT might take my job . . .

ChatGPT might take my job, but it doesn’t look like it’s going to my hobby anytime soon.

Write funny Tweets in the style of Larry King about the TV show Good Times and reporter Bob Woodward.

"Good Times was one of the funniest shows of its time! J.J. always had me in stitches with his funky walk and fly outfits."
"Bob Woodward is one of the best reporters of all time! He uncovered some of the biggest stories of the Watergate scandal and always got to the bottom of the truth."
"Good Times and Bob Woodward - two of the greatest things to come out of the 1970s! #tbt"
"Good Times was always on my TV when I was growing up! I loved seeing the Evans family navigate through tough times with a smile."
"Bob Woodward is a legend in the journalism world! He's got the tenacity of a bulldog and the curiosity of a cat. #journalismgoals"
"I don't know what I'd do without Good Times and Bob Woodward! They always make me laugh and keep me informed. #goodtimesneverstop"