1. Road trip reading

  2. The mulberries are all gone, but that doesn’t stop Em from standing under the tree and asking for them. She’s saying “Please!”

  3. They have their own fiber now. #PrivilegeAlDente

  4. Disorderlies

  5. ‘Outgoing Answerphone Message’ by Bee Gees
    (via petepaphides) From 1997, music journalist Pete Paphides asked the Bee Gees if they’d sing on his outgoing answering machine message. They said yes.

  6. Good book.

  7. A unique looking cat has gone missing near my house.

  8. "Did you know there’s a Leonard Cohen song about you?" I asked. "Different Suzanne," replied the bird.


  9. "Bill O’Reilly noted that “‘Eisenhower’ sounds like a German name” and questioned the wisdom of letting a possible Nazi sympathizer command the invasion force,"
    — What If Fox News Had Covered D-Day?, from Wonkette
  10. Apple


  11. "He has filmed commercials for McDonald’s [14] and Hot Nuts (Mexican snack). [15] In December 2013, Mahone was named a “Digital and Brand Strategist” for Aquafina’s FlavorSplash, a new line of flavored sparkling water targeted towards teens. [16]"
    — Teen singer Austin Mahone’s Wikipedia entry. He’s performing at Turner Field tonight after the Braves game.
  12. She hasn’t recorded the album yet, but she nailed the cover photo shoot today.

  13. Friends of goats


  14. Career counseling

    Adelaide: I want to be Elsa when I grow up.

    Me: Are you going to freeze your sister?

    Adelaide: No. She’s gonna be Elsa, too. And Mommy. The whole world is gonna be Elsa.

  15. h/t to prog pop supergroup Asia for the delightful lilies blooming in our backyard. I hope they don’t wilt in the heat of the moment.