The mulberries are all gone, but that doesn’t stop Em from standing under the tree and asking for them. She’s saying “Please!”

"Did you know there’s a Leonard Cohen song about you?" I asked. "Different Suzanne," replied the bird.

Bill O’Reilly noted that “‘Eisenhower’ sounds like a German name” and questioned the wisdom of letting a possible Nazi sympathizer command the invasion force,

– What If Fox News Had Covered D-Day?, from Wonkette

He has filmed commercials for McDonald’s [14] and Hot Nuts (Mexican snack). [15] In December 2013, Mahone was named a “Digital and Brand Strategist” for Aquafina’s FlavorSplash, a new line of flavored sparkling water targeted towards teens. [16]

– Teen singer Austin Mahone’s Wikipedia entry. He’s performing at Turner Field tonight after the Braves game.