1. Puddle party

  2. Focused baby

  3. My baby admires her first-ever garden tomato. She waters and weeds her garden every day.

  4. Pleasantly surprised to find one of those personalized Coke cans with my name!


  5. 'No one will remember'

    City of Atlanta Deputy Chief Operating Officer Tom Weyandt downplays the 2nd major postponement of the Atlanta Streetcar’s opening:

    “My prediction is six months after this opens, no one will remember opening day … the system will be open and we’ll see all kinds of impact,”

    No one? I suspect the small business owners who opened new shops timed to the planned June launch of streetcar operations, and are now losing money because there’s no streetcar, might remember.

  6. "I do!"

  7. Punk Dead/Punk’s Not Dead

  8. I love my dead …

  9. Someone rearranged the letters on the Christian Family Worship Center sign in Kirkwood.


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  11. Road trip reading

  12. The mulberries are all gone, but that doesn’t stop Em from standing under the tree and asking for them. She’s saying “Please!”

  13. They have their own fiber now. #PrivilegeAlDente

  14. Disorderlies

  15. ‘Outgoing Answerphone Message’ by Bee Gees
    (via petepaphides) From 1997, music journalist Pete Paphides asked the Bee Gees if they’d sing on his outgoing answering machine message. They said yes.