From today’s New York Times story on A&W Restaurant’s new ad campaign.

What A&W needs to do, Mr. Tristano said, is “rebuild their brand perception with millennials.”

Tim Jones, a creative director at Cornett, said that to reach younger consumers, the 95-year-old brand aims to strike a tone of “hip nostalgia” that characterizes older brands like Levi’s and Ray-Ban.

Rooty the Great Root Bear, an orange-sweater-wearing A&W mascot introduced in 1974, was returned to prominence in 2012 after having been, in the words of the brand, hibernating for about a decade. Today, A&W’s Twitter account, which has 7,200 followers, is written from the bear’s perspective.

“On Twitter, if you’re the voice of a seven-and-a-half-foot-tall bear with no pants, you can be a little bit more silly and more playful,” said Liz Bazner, associate manager of digital communications at A&W Restaurants. “The idea is also that Rooty doesn’t quite understand technology or Twitter, so he’d use a hashtag that would be too long for Twitter.”

Unauthorized biography

Words of wisdom for April Fools’ Day.

Adelaide at the table: Are you gonna eat dinner with us?
Me from the kitchen: Yeah, but I’m making lunch for you guys.
Adelaide: We’re not guys. We’re Adelaides and Emmelines.
Me: You’re right. I’m making lunch for my daughters.
Adelaide: No, you’re making lunch for your children.

Slowed-down Emmeline

"Herb has remained a constant in “Peaches & Herb” since its creation in 1966, while seven different women have filled the role of Peaches."
Wikipedia, of course.

Adelaide pretended to be Mommy tonight by reading us a bedtime story. She chose to read “Amelia Bedelia” by Peggy Parish. Since she’s only 3 and doesn’t read sentences, she recited the book from memory, with help a lot of help from the Fritz Siebel’s illustrations. I think she improved on the original.

The audio is Adelaide reading the book and turning the pages. The video was recorded after she went to bed and shows my hands turning the pages of the book. The image is synchronized with the audio to show so what she was reading.

Getting ready for a walk with grandma

Beauty is pain.

Happy birthday to her

Waking up 1

In the spirit of all the funny #Sochi photos, here’s a picture I took of the Grand Hotel in Niamey, Niger in 2010. It was a very nice place to stay, but the missing A in Grand is indicative of its physical condition.